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Welcome to Ukiah Unified School District

The Ukiah Unified School District will provide an educational experience that instills and enhances self-esteem, assures success on the basis of individual interests and abilities, and fosters constructive relations among students, teachers and parents. Students will benefit from their educational experiences by acquiring knowledge and skills that provide them with choices about continuing formal education or entering the work environment. Students will be prepared to contribute to their communities, be responsible to themselves and others, and deal appropriately with issues impacting the society in which they live.


Debra Kubin, Superintendent


Superintendent’s Message


Ukiah Unified School District (UUSD) is thrilled to welcome its students and families back to 2014-2015 school year.  This year brings with it many new exciting changes and programs, many of which parents and the community had part in developing through input into the Ukiah Unified School District’s Strategic Plan, which can be found on our website.


Art and Music are being brought back and enhanced in our schools this year.  We have been busy repairing, purchasing, and polishing our instruments in anticipation of listening to our students play instruments beginning in middle school. UUSD hired three instrumental music teachers as we will be offering music instruction and performance bands at both middle schools and at the Ukiah High school. In addition, the hiring of these three teachers will enable us to offer chorus at Pomolita Middle School as an elective option.  Furthermore, Art will be offered as an elective at Pomolita and an art curriculum will be taught in our elementary schools.  Be on the lookout for announcements throughout the year of performances and open houses where we will showcase these programs.


Debra Kubin, Superintendent